Brand Value.

Our high-end flag brand with more than 40 years in the market, proudly “made in Italy” and with a made to measure, hand made production department.

Company Profile.

3FI srl was born in Rome in 1965, thanks to a four guys idea, joining all their tailor experience in a company . Thanks to those economic booming years, Erminio Ottone and his three fellows, developed a rapid market in the “made in Italy” excellence of wearing. Big but not global, focusing on the hand made tradition more than the new world markets. Just in 1989, with the new management, 3FI became a global player, still preserving the heritage and years of excellent quality experience. Actually, it is controlled by two italian share holder families: Giliberti and Ghisolfo. And, even if the core business is still the men’s clothing, total look, classic wear, due to the innovative and global view of the owners, 3FI is now an holding present in many fields, joined by the common, strong, idea of the “Italian style” ! Nowadays, foodstuff, real estate, new technologies, are already part of the holding . We participate or fully own even other companies, strategically based in different parts of the world.

We produce and sale directly to our customers around the globe. We export 97% of our production under our or different labels. Our most famous brand is Erminio Ottone, exploded no more than ten years ago as our flag brand, as a result of our long experience in the field. . Our 40 years hard work is never enough and, we are learning and improving our quality and details every day, preserving the correct and honest quality/price relationship . With this spirit, step by step, we discovered new business: paying attention to our Mother Earth we recently provide organic foodstuff and surprising green new technologies, melted the spirit of our Italian creativity, like the most recent “Afffresco”. A real masterpiece, based on the exactly same technique of our legendary Michelangelo (& Great company), we can simply transform anything in a “state of the art” painted surface. Easily, quickly, eco friendly and with a spectacular quality ! In the meantime, we keep travelling around the globe, to enjoy and take the big opportunities learning everywhere, from all the cultures ! Knowledge is the daughter of the experience…Leonardo da Vinci.

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